6 Tips to Address High Absenteeism During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Much of the world has implemented strict guidelines for social distancing, and self-quarantine, both for those who have shown symptoms and those who could potentially have been exposed to COVID-19. The result is exceptionally high absenteeism and turnover that could have an outsized impact on an organization. Even after the current plant shutdowns are over and operations reopen, there will be months through which organizations need a plan in place to address the likelihood of high absenteeism.

With a limited labor pool, and absenteeism at 10% or higher in some cases, many plants will be faced with a tough situation – close down again or start cutting corners in a way that could impact quality. Finding alternate labor sources on short notice can be extremely difficult, especially if multiple organizations are doing the same thing. Let’s take a closer look at six of the ways in which your organization can address these concerns.

Adjusting Leave Policies

You’ll need software and systems in place to track not only where people are in the building, but how long they have been gone if they are subject to quarantine due to infection or exposure. PTI utilizes Geolocation and Digital Andon Cord solutions to supplement routine HR processes and has adjusted policies during this outbreak to match. 

If someone receives a positive test for coronavirus, you need to know not only that they will follow the appropriate quarantine guidelines but communicate with you throughout the process to minimize the potential impact on other employees in your organization. Software that can track how long it has been and ensure they don’t return to work early is a must. PTI has implemented such systems and is working carefully with all of our associates to ensure ample communication at all times. 

Communication Between Employees and Supervisors

Without email addresses and due to scalability issues in phone communications, you need a streamlined solution to keep everyone engaged online. Front Line communication tools like Digital Andon Cord can help do this. 

Front line workers, when not in the facility have only one means by which to contact you. Worse, it can be difficult to share mass communications about updated policies, recent quarantines, or adjustments to operating procedures. A digital andon cord solution ensures you can reach everyone on their devices. 

Cross-Training to Prepare

Start cross-training your staff now to expose them to new duties and prepare for increased rotations. Microlearning through e-learning can help do this faster and with higher levels of retention. Even during a shutdown, microlearning can be applied to help employees start preparing for new potential responsibilities. 

While open, even if your staff has not been unduly impacted by coronavirus, make sure you maintain a cross-training procedure to prepare for high absenteeism at certain stations.

Keeping up with your manufacturer’s recommended tire services is necessary for the efficiency of your tires. You can follow the service intervals or pay attention to signs of imbalance, misalignment, or premature tire wear.

Tire rotation, wheel alignment, and tire balancing services help prevent irregular wear, boosting the longevity of your tires and increasing fuel efficiency.

Addressing Rotations

When rotations start to increase, the software can help prepare people for their new roles, but also keep them in constant communication with supervisors if they have questions. With limited training time, this is extremely important. You should also be constantly evaluating where people are best suited. cns for each employee. 

Reducing the Impact on Quality

Many organizations are closing their doors to visitors. With technology, you can track visitors in and out of a facility, outsource your containment needs offsite to avoid people coming in and be better prepared for a shutdown and the inevitable quality pains of reopening in the future. 

Remote Communications and Supervision

If a supervisor is diagnosed with coronavirus they might be home for up to a month in quarantine. This can have a significant impact on the continuity of your front line. Digital communication tools are a must to keep your supervisors connected to everyone, allowing them to provide input, create checklists, and guide front line workers through their tasks, even when they can’t be on the floor to provide in-person support. 

PTI QCS is more than just a containment provider. We pride ourselves on closely partnering with each company we work with to provide extensive, exceptional service backed by technology. 

Through a proactive approach to quality containment, we’re empowering workers and protecting companies against the inherent, increased risk brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. 

If you’re currently scrambling to address these issues – the high turnover and rotation, increased quality concerns, and very real concern over a potential shutdown – let us take some of the load off your shoulders. We can supplement your containment efforts and proactively protect quality while you focus on your employees and keeping your business open. Download our eBook on Quality and Business Continuity during this crisis here:

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