The PTI Way

Quality Containment Services

We bring reliability, flexibility, competitiveness and
responsiveness to every project.

PTI QCS is a leader in quality containment and corrective services

Used before, during and after product assembly in body, interios, chassis, electronics, powertrain and more, customers looking for the best value, flexibility and a dynamic solution

16 million

Pieces Per year in U.S

16.59 million

Pieces Per year in Mexico

1.4 million

Pieces Per year in Brazil

PTI QCS delivers world-class inspection, rework, launch support and yard management services among other quality and containment processes.

PTI QCS and its Quality Services Platform bring innovative and robust digital containment and communication solutions to the shop floor, delivering process transparency, real-time data and predictive reports with actionable data.

By tapping the value of big data analytics and utilizing Industry 4.0 innovations, PTI QCS delivers a well-managed end-to-end quality process which reduces total cycle time and improves OEM-supplier relationships.

PTI QCS is the partner that fits your vision and values. We are the value-added solution to execute your strategy for your future sustainability.

PTI QCS does the right thing. We strive to understand the impact of our decisions and accept responsibility for our actions. We have a passion for our customers. The success of our customers is our success. We strive for outstanding customer service, quality and price.

PTI QCS has more than 2000 dedicated and passionate employees who follow The PTI Way to deliver quality with integrity, passion and pride. The PTI Way informs everything we do as a company. We invest in our human capital, sharing knowledge, education and professional development so that we are all successful.

PTI QCS delivers engineered coatings and application services to complement its quality containment and supply chain services. Specializing in underbody chassis coatings, PTI QCS uses cutting edge coating technology to paint axles, driveshafts, and brake components in our facilities or in standalone dedicated finishing operations within customer facilities.

Meet OEM specifications with engineered coating processes from PTI QCS.

In addition to pre-treatment and masking for paint applications, we offer process design and engineering services to build paint lines in your facilities. Our in-house team of experts works with suppliers to identify the high-tech solution to meet paint line needs.

PTI QCS offers centralized or decentralized delivery channels from our facilities in Metro Detroit to offer services across the Midwest. For example, at Jeffersonville, IN we designed an axle line and a shaft line that meet Ford’s Phased Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) guidelines. Similarly, in Mexico and Brazil, our locations in the automotive production regions give us an unparalleled ability to deliver highest quality paint processes and services with established delivery channels.

Business Partners

PTI QCS has strong working relationships with Fortune 500 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the global manufacturing industry, many of them forged 20 years ago and still going strong today. These customers have exacting compliance requirements, are highly technical, and have critical quality challenges. PTI QCS brings world-class solutions in quality, inspection and containment.