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Engineered Coatings

PTI QCS takes pride in its unmatched expertise in engineered coatings. When it comes to painting and supplying products globally, nobody does it better than us. Explore how you can align with OEM specifications and achieve excellence in coating processes by collaborating with the experts at PTI QCS.

Quality Containment

PTI QCS is synonymous with excellence in quality and containment processes, offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes world-class inspection, rework, launch support, yard management, and more. Our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions is unwavering, ensuring that our customers receive the best in quality and reliability.

Supply Chain Services

PTI QCS is your go-to partner for an extensive range of supply chain services in North and South America. Our offerings cover a broad spectrum, including packaging and labeling, inspections, rework, assembly, warehousing, and logistics solutions. With PTI QCS by your side, you can trust that your supply chain needs are in capable hands, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and reliability throughout the process.

Engineered Coatings

No one has painted and supplied more products globally than PTI QCS. Discover how you can meet OEM specifications with engineered coating processes from the experts at PTI QCS.

Quality Containment

PTI QCS delivers world class inspection, rework, launch support and yard management services among other quality and containment processes for our customers.

Supply Chain Services

PTI QCS offers supply chain services for packaging and labeling, inspections and rework, assembly, warehousing and logistics solutions in North and South America.

PTIQCS: Pioneering Vehicle Electrification for the Future of Mobility

As our customers transition from traditional to emerging energy sources to power vehicles, PTI is fully prepared to provide unwavering support. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the vehicles of tomorrow, ensuring a seamless transition to new energy paradigms. With PTI, you can confidently embrace the future of vehicle energy sources, knowing that we have the expertise and solutions to support your journey.

quality, coating, and supply chain services

PTI Quality Containment Solutions is an integrated provider of outsourced coating applications, quality services, and supply chain solutions tailored to the automotive markets in North America. Our extensive range of services includes coatings applications, inspection, rework, training, assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

We have established strong relationships with renowned blue-chip customers such as Dana, American Axle & Manufacturing, Audi, ZF, Ford Motor Company, Continental Stellantis, General Motors, IFA Holding GmbH, and Neapco. These industry leaders rely on PTI as their trusted integrated service provider, both onsite and offsite at customer facilities.

PTI is your go-to partner for all-encompassing automotive solutions, driven by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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