Quality Inspection

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PTI QCS helps minimize costs associated with cost recoveries, returns and customer scrap

  • Level I Controlled Shipping CS1
  • Level II Controlled Shipping CS2
  • Enhanced Supplier Engagement Process (ESEP)
  • Inspection/Sorting
  • Labeling
  • 3rd Party Containment and Problem Resolution (FCA 3CRP, L2)

As an approved service provider for GM, Ford and FCA we can provide the dynamic solutions to support your needs in the U.S., México, Canada and Brazil.

The PTI QCS Difference

PTI QCS conducts quality product inspection in independent facilities within our customer’s locations or our own facilities for control, quality assurance, and traceability. We can develop cost-effective inspection processes and methods to segregate materials using error-proofing techniques.

  • PTI QCS implements fail-safe mechanisms to prevent processes from producing defects.
  • We conduct variables inspection and attributes inspection to certify materials using a variety of simple and advanced measurement techniques.
  • We help enterprises maintain low inventory. Our systems and methods give immediate feedback.
  • Our visual inspection and rework services minimize costs associated with recoveries, returns and customer scrap.
  • We verify components and provide assembly confirmation.