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PTIQCS: Your Comprehensive Drivetrain Supplier for All Core Mobility Markets and Aftermarkets

PTIQCS stands as a unique and reliable partner in the global market, distinguished by our ability to serve a wide spectrum of mobility markets. We are one of the few drivetrain suppliers proficient in catering to all core sectors — Light Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, and Off-Highway — along with the aftermarket for each segment.

  • Reputation for Reliability: Globally recognized for our dependability and expertise, PTIQCS is the go-to partner across various vehicle sectors.
  • Dynamic Range of Services: Whether it’s Light Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, or their respective aftermarkets, our services are designed to optimize and enhance your returns.
  • Versatile Support for Diverse Applications: We support a multitude of applications and component types, ensuring a broad and adaptable approach.
  • Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience: Our team’s extensive knowledge and industry experience empower us to develop solutions that are perfectly aligned with your specific needs.

At PTIQCS, we are committed to delivering excellence and versatility in our offerings, ensuring that regardless of your sector or requirement, we have the solution and support you need.

Serving the Market with Excellence: PTI's Impact in the Light and Commercial Vehicle Sectors

PTI is a key player in the automotive industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the light vehicle market. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the significant impact we have on this sector.

  • Diverse Service Range: Our offerings in the light vehicle space encompass Quality Inspection, Engineered Coatings, Supply Chain, and Assembly services, addressing a wide array of needs with expertise.
  • Proven Track Record: Our efforts in the light vehicle sector contribute to the production of more than 5 million vehicles annually, a testament to our proficiency and the trust placed in us by the industry.

At PTI, we are not just service providers; we are industry leaders shaping the future of vehicle manufacturing and supply chain management.

PTI is at the forefront of advancing the commercial vehicle industry, particularly in the NAFTA market. Our focus is on promoting both the longevity and functionality of commercial vehicles through our specialized coatings solutions.

  • Dedicated Coatings Solutions: We offer state-of-the-art coatings that are integral to numerous commercial vehicle platforms within the NAFTA market.
  • Proven Industry Impact: Our solutions are not just about protection and aesthetics; they’re about enhancing the overall quality and lifespan of commercial vehicles.

At PTI, our commitment to excellence and innovation in coatings solutions is helping shape a more durable and efficient future for commercial vehicles.