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PTI QCS prides itself on utilizing the latest technology and systems

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

  • Leader in Cloud-Delivered Smart Manufacturing Solutions: This platform revolutionizes the way businesses operate by connecting, automating, tracking, and analyzing every aspect of your operations.
  • Comprehensive Tool Suite: Includes Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), quality control, supply chain planning and management.
  • Industrial IoT and Analytics Integration: Seamlessly connects people, systems, machines, and supply chains for unmatched precision, efficiency, and agility.
  • Single Source of Truth: Ensures data accuracy and consistency across all operations.


  • Tailored for Supply Chain and Manufacturing: Developed to meet the specific demands of the supply chain and manufacturing industry.
  • Compatibility with Existing Systems: Works cohesively with suppliers’ ERP systems, PLCs, hardware, third-party software, and OEM communications.
  • Just in Sequence (JIS) Application: Facilitates a reliable and efficient sequencing process, from broadcast verification to final shipping stages.
  • Optimized Data Storage and Reporting: Ensures traceable and transparent data storage, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain process.